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An incredible tale with so many twists and turns, it's book is hard to put down

Author of The Silk Road Wars -- Frank Spencer

This is a trail blazer in new Australian literature that reveals a scam of gigantic proportions from early Australia to present day

Author of Walk Back in Time -- Judith Flitcroft

Fascinating account of the far-reaching effects of one man's greed. A great story.

Author of the Firebird series -- Ian Dolby

An absorbing account of a family's quest for truth, exposing generations of deception and betrayal of trust.

Author of When tears Ran Dry -- Vivian Waring

Rich menu of realistic, vivid scenarios so powerful you can practically taste them.

Author of Cut Off -- Cole Foley

Spanning 150 years, and ranging across Australia, the UK and Portugal, this is an epic tale of tragedy, love, crime and family secrets. Meticulously researched, justice is finally achieved following the devastating consequences of fractured trust. An excellent read.

Author of One Thing Leads to Another -- David Roberts

I loved the story, very exciting. A great read

Book Lover -- Ross Munro

This is an excellent read, full of interesting characters and a rollicking fast paced story that brings to life the saga of a family’s trials, tribulations leading to a massive financial swindle.

 Sabey’s debut novel is a must read.


Dr Gregory Tilley – Collins St Endodontist 

-- Dr Gregory Tilley